Acer India: Empowering the World with Cutting Edge Technology

Harish Kohli
President & Managing Director
One cannot help but be amazed at the astounding rate at which technology has impacted and transformed the business world over the past two decades. In fact, its massive advancements in recent times have been the empowering sources that have significantly levelled the playing field between the smaller and larger organizations. Paving the way for innovative, more efficient and more secure operations, technology is now central to the success of businesses.

Tech giant Acer is one of the first few companies which realized the importance of transforming itself into a technology- first business early on. Driven by the zest to develop new technologies and solutions, the company serves as the foundation for meaningful innovations that enable enterprises to succeed. Acer has always been ahead of the curve. Today the company has successfully established itself as a technology pioneer that has evolved beyond a computing only brand and traversed into numerous, diverse horizons. Developing machines that have withstood the test of time and set the benchmark of excellence in enterprises in the government, education, banking and finance and SME sectors. Harish Kohli, President and Managing Director, Acer India delineates, “Our products complement the modern lifestyle perfectly and are designed to make a difference in our consumers’ lives. We have also made the entry point to access our technology easier by offering high end technology at affordable prices and easy ownership schemes.”

Devices Ranging from 1 to 100 Inches
The company boasts of an extensive portfolio of devices ranging from 1 to 100 inches in size. It includes wearables, notebooks, PC gaming devices, monitors, desktops, virtual reality, mixed reality headsets, 2-in-one laptops, all-in-one desktops, IoT devices along with smart city products like parking meter, traffic management devices and large format displays for signages, servers, accessories of workstations, racks and projectors.

Acer’s range of business PCs and its supporting hardware have been designed to meet burgeoning demands of workplaces for space and energy efficient products. The company’s mini PC that can be easily attached behind a monitor is one such example. In addition, Acer also delivers cost efficient and sturdy projectors which feature wireless cast, in-built speakers, battery power, remote projection, 3D capability, USB power and more. Boasting of one of the lowest failure rates in the industry, these products undergo rigorous testing standards like the Military Standard 810G, anti-shock protection for hard disk to prevent data loss due to fall, spill resistant keyboards, dust defender technology and more.

Acer’s comprehensive data storage solutions have become a vital part of businesses, constantly supporting all their operations. The company’s workstations, towers and rack servers have found implementation in a number of global installation bases, helping a huge base of end-users to process some of the largest mission critical data. “We have installed one of the most powerful super computers in IIT-G to help them in weather modelling, disaster management and research in North East India. Our servers help prestigious research institutions like IISc advance their research capabilities. We also work with institutions like C-DAC to provide high-end server solutions to various government bodies,” shares Harish.

Extending the Benefits of Cloud
Recognizing the value-add that their technology could foster in the business environment, Acer soon made their mark in the private cloud segment with their ‘Build Your Own Cloud’(BYOC)platform. This is also where Acer’s Open Platform (AOP) came into the picture and helped the company make massive strides in the areas of open source technologies and cloud computing. AOP is an open source platform designed to support cloud environments with great development and prototyping capabilities while enabling users to synchronize, secure, manage, and interpret data. This not only benefits businesses with the flexibility to scale up their ecosystems per the requirements but also increases their productivity. Harish also adds that Acer’s AOC platform has a great track record with 42,705 million BYOC access counts per annum already supported on its network infrastructure.

Leveraging the power of AOP, Acer’s BYOC platform enables customers to connect their devices and ideas together and restructure their very own cloud, without making any significant investments. Harish also speaks about Acer’s yet another highly flexible and scalable cloud service which is Cloud Smart Portal(CSP)which utilizes the resources of private machines to create virtual ‘Super Machines’ on demand. Built for heavy duty processing,
this cloud solution delivers results under the most strenuous work environments.

Enhancing Brand Image
Acer’s signage solutions are a delight for clients looking to enhance their brand image. The company’s abSignage(Acer Being Signage) solution provides businesses everything from the powerful digital signage hardware and software. Clients are also provisioned with a unique cloud-based and big data analysis service leveraging which they can monitor the entire system and remotely take care of the signage network. Acer’s abSignage also leverages the company’s proprietary content management system that offers client’s with a high degree of flexibility in terms of both content scheduling and delivery from anywhere in the world. Businesses can effectively control the messages and dynamically create playlists for targeted audience using Acer’s Smart Attributes. The installation of these abSignage solutions are extremely cost-effective and require only a minimal quarterly service fee. On top of that, Acer brings in an expert team that takes care of all the complexities of the cloud and monitors the digital signage networks on behalf of the clients. Acer’s After Sales Services also handles the maintenance, first-level support and repair and replacement service.

" Our products complement the modern lifestyle perfectly and are designed to make a difference in our consumers’ lives"

Innovation at Every Front
Evolving from a manufacturing powerhouse to a globally-recognized technology brand, Acer has always endeavoured to innovate at every front. The company has also developed several products as a part of Acer’s Internet of Beings project that aims to help individuals in their lives. Acer’s GrandPad which aims to connect people to their loved ones , Cloud Professor which helps students learn coding at a young age, Xplova targeted at cycling enthusiasts and Acer Air Monitor that helps improve the air quality in homes are a few of the products from the segment.

Education is yet another field where the company brought about changes, turning classrooms to smart classrooms with their end-to-end solutions. In the field of sports, Acer has forged several technology partnerships providing sporting events and teams with IT infrastructure. A few of the beneficiaries of Acer’s services are Ferrari F1 team, London Olympics, Asian Games and recently, the E-sports competitions. In the consumer market, Acer prides itself for reigning as one of the firsts to the market with the latest technologies. When it comes to gaming, Acer has established itself as the leading PC gaming brand.

What has enabled Acer to hold its leadership position in the market is its unique channel business model that enables the company to adapt to changing global IT market trends. A strong partner ecosystem along with minimum OPEX has helped the company stay profitable. Unwavering focus on Research and Development has been pivotal in enabling the company to stay ahead of the competition. Speaking on the company’s unique approach for India, Harish states, “We are on a mission to empower India with technology to progress in their lives right from rural to metro audience. Our technology is helping India and the world become a better place.” Moving ahead, Acer can be expected to continue empowering the world with cutting edge technology.

Dedicated Customer Service
The customer services at Acer have been designed to take care of the end-to-end requirements of the clients which is enabled through a 24/7 online technical portal and over 1500 service centres and PAN India support. As a part of these support services, the company facilitates customers with standby unit in case there is any delay in the delivery of the ordered product. Further enhancing the process is the priority channel queue for key customers whereby customers are facilitated with an extra quick service at call centers. The company has also launched a mobile application - Acer Care Centre(ACC) on Google Play as a result of which all of the Acer’s services are just a few clicks away. Adding to the experience are the SMS services where by customers are updated about status change against cases logged by the customer. For support to the enterprise clients, Acer has customized its support services in compliance to the working hours and unique business models of the client organisations. Currently, the company is also working on newer initiatives to further strengthen its customer relationships. One amongst these initiatives is the E-support, whereby clients with multi-location branch offices will be able to central log, track and view the progress of incidence.