Agronomix Software: Aiding Plant Breeders Globally with Data on Widest Range of Crops

Dr. Dieter Mulitze, Founder& CEO
With massive advancements in technology, agriculture is now a sophisticated industry largely minimizing the efforts farming traditionally demanded. Consequently, countries across the globe, especially those with a large population are now seeing immense scope for improvement of their agricultural practices and productivity while maximizing cost efficiency. Canada headquartered Agronomix Software has been driving this market segment for the past 28 years with the mission to help those striving to improve farm yields. Under the leadership of Founder and CEO, Dr. Dieter Mulitze who holds a PhD in plant breeding, the company is realizing this mission with their proven plant breeding software solution AGROBASE Generation II.

AGROBASE Generation II is a state-of-the-art software that focuses on seed companies in the agriculture sector with plant breeding programs. The solution analyzes multiple varieties of crops across multiple locations, years and seasons, comparing their different characteristics and experiments to instantly respond to the most critical questions of plant breeders. Inbuilt with various statistical tools, database structure and querying capabilities, AGROBASE Generation II optimizes plant breeding programs. Clients are thereby facilitated with the best information that not only improves their research and decision-making abilities but also enables them to opt for the right varieties of the crop or hybrids while saving significant amount of time. Powered by advantages such as these, users always stay one-step ahead of their competition. During a recent interaction with the company, a client revealed that they earned an extra $1 million by choosing a variety that could stay for sale for another extra year, all through the plant breeding data that was mined through AGROBASE.
Having 28 years of experience in the domain, AGROBASE has continuously evolved to better address the challenges and needs of the modern plant breeders. Many of the developments within the software have been based on the suggestions and requests from the company’s clients. As such, the software manages the analysis and data needs for the widest range of crops- field, vegetable, horticultural and perennials like forages; which can be linked in unique ways as per the requirement of the breeder. Furthermore, Agronomix also utilizes advanced analytics and data visualization tools of open-source R to empower customers with a wide array of biometrical and bioinformatics tools for their research.

" Inbuilt with various statistical tools, database structure and querying capabilities, AGROBASE Generation II optimizes plant breeding programs "

Christopher Leonard, MBCS- President

Agronomix also supports clients with elaborate training services, imparted by instructors with PhD in plant breeding. The company has developed the Agronomix Learning Centre which boasts of over 120 video tutorials on how to use the software and the best practices involved. All that the user is required to do is register an account. The centre currently holds over 1,200 individual user accounts worldwide, some of which belong to leading plant breeders in India. Clients are also facilitated with an implementation path, timely technical support and options for customization. Commending their prompt response, a breeder in India called Agronomix’s support 'supersonic'. In India, Agronomix has teamed up with Pune based King Technology Solutions to aid customers with demonstrations, training, IT support and advice.