FarmLogics : Strengthening Agricultural Value Chain with Innovative Technology Solutions

Arun Suresh,& Froid Mendez
Co- Founder

Agricultural produce in India adds a significant portion to the total GDP of the country. However, the agriculture industry has not yielded full benefit to its various stakeholders owing to many lags and irregularities in its functioning. Businesses operating in agriculture sector face many issues owing to lack of synchronization, complexity and irregular business cycle. To address these challenges, FarmLogics, a Cochin based company is implementing innovative technology solutions to bring efficiency in agricultural business operations.

FarmLogics is assisting agricultural businesses with solutions to monitor everyday business processes like, farmer registration, contract management, field staff activity, input distribution, farmer training program, harvesting, traceability, transportation etc. Along with managing key agricultural operations, the company deploys its data analytics platform to equip management with greater insights, enhancing their decision making capabilities.

FarmLogics has been implementing its services in contract farming and commercial plantation businesses across the world. It has developed many applications to enhance operational efficiency of the stakeholders involved. Commenting on the usability of the applications, Arun Suresh, Co-Founder, FarmLogics, says, “We have developed applications for agricultural sector that are functionally rich, technically enhanced, with user friendly interface.” The total cost factor including maintenance of the application has also been kept low to help the stakeholders solve their problem without cost consideration.
The company's team has complete domain knowledge combined with technical expertise to deploy and handle cutting edge technological tools and solutions. Talking about the team’s expertise, Froid Mendez, Co-founder of the company, says, “Our management team has gained extensive years of experience in providing software solutions to agriculture sector across the globe. It has been a challenge, however, things are changing and agriculture sector is gradually adopting technological solutions. So, there are a lot of untapped opportunities and we are working closely with our clients to harness it.”

" We have developed applications for agricultural sector that are functionally rich, technically enhanced, with user friendly interface"

As most of the farmlands fall out of the network range, connectivity becomes an issue which can hinder continuous flow of communication. Keeping this in mind, the company has devised mobile application that can work off the grid. Once the connectivity is regained, the application synchronizes the collected data with the application server in the cloud. The application also uses USSD format to communicate with application server through SMS medium if there is no internet connectivity.

The software solution automates the inventory management of harvest and crop inputs. The solution tracks every stage of inventory process, right from initial process of crop at field to sales dispatch and invoicing. The software is well integrated with the accounting system and immediately updates the ledgers as soon as sale invoice is generated. It reflects the exact P and L and relieves the account department from updating book of accounts for every transaction made.

The application seamlessly integrates end to end functions of various stakeholders at multiple stages within the value chain. It provides transparency in business operations and financial transactions. The system also provides rich analytical reporting functions and KPI to help organizations evaluate the ongoing business projects.

For its upcoming project, FarmLogics is planning to incorporate IoT and Blockchain technologies to further transform the agriculture sector.