MarketGalee: Transforming the Agriculture Ecosystem with Enhanced Transparency

Zakeer Shaik,Founder

Speaking about the challenges in the agriculture segment of India, Zakeer Shaik, an IVY League graduate from Cornell University and Founder of MarketGalee says, “For long, agricultural practices were mostly governed with traditional knowledge that may or may not be supported by scientific data. Lack of proper understanding of the variables impacting farm yields combined together with a broken supply chain, hugely impacted farmer’s bottom line”. The adoption of technology in agriculture has, undoubtedly, been a welcome change. Yet with very thin working capital, these technology products often prove to be expensive for farmers. Training farmers to adapt their skills to new technologies is another herculean task.

MarketGalee is a revolutionary collaborative platform that aims to transform the market of agricultural produce, making it more transparent and efficient. The platform connects all the stakeholders of the produce business- the farmers, trading brokers, wholesalers, retailers, food processing units, labors, transporters etc, and helps them to respond to the market demands. Users can utilize the platform to communicate with each other and share information pertaining to all critical aspects of the goods such as pricing data, product type, quantity, product description and more. This not only strengthens the supply chain network but facilitates farmers with the opportunity to increase their revenues by leveraging the insight gained into the demand for the products.
MarketGalee has been created to empower every stake- holder in agriculture ecosystem to trade smart and fast from pre-production until consumption. The platform is a workflow driven application where all parties are involved during trading. In addition, MarketGalee also boasts of another robust tool - Cost Analyzer. Specially developed for farmers, MarketGalee's Cost Analyzer is a planning tool that enables users to make smart decisions by efficient ly scheduling the operations of their farm and adjusting their control expenses. The tool proves quite effective in risk management and also enables farmers to adjust their marketing strategy with a full understanding of their true break-even price in comparison to the current MSP. The team at MarketGalee is also in the process of architecting Personalized Market Data and Dashboards driven by the power of Big Data and Analytics to cater to the individual needs of users. Zakeer Shaik delineates, “We are creating a shared economy agri ecosystem by leveraging the ubiquity of data opportunities by connecting the right dots for effective supply chain.”

" MarketGalee has been created to empower every stakeholder in agriculture ecosystem to trade smart and fast from pre-production until consumption"

MarketGalee is a unique platform that brings in ample scope for personalization and customizations. To address the training requirements of farmers, the company is staging the launch of their application in various phases. This process is also expected to keep the costs on the lower side of the bar. What enables MarketGalee to create a strong distinction in the market and bring about a wave of change into the traditional methods of agriculture is a team of hands-on trainers who grew up in close proximity to the agriculture ecosystem, equipped with the extensive knowledge of its operations and challenges. These trainers focus on providing expert solutions and personalized training to customers. MarketGalee will soon be integrating the platform with three applications - Financial Cost Analyzer, Analytics/Big data and Integrated Marketplace along with additional localization effects.