IY Twist Technologies: Assuring Optimized Management of Agricultural Requirements

CIO Vendor Agro-based economies such as India act as a perfect platform for smart agriculture and its applicability. The utilization of IoT for digitization of farms has caught the attention of this sector as it can be leveraged for the development of smart irrigation facilities, checking soil vitals and performing real-time monitoring of crop health via the combination of information technology, telecommunications and sensor technologies. Despite such advancements in this sector, India has been slow to adopt technology based farming solutions and its applicability, stemming from the lack of knowledge and the need for a suitable solution provider that can meet every unique requirement.

Aiming to modernize agriculture and ensure exponential growth in the domain, IY Twist Technologies, headquartered in Bangalore with a development centre in Cochin, is revolutionizing the farming industry through IoT and automation of the entire agriculture business. “We are a firm that focuses on intelligent automation of traditional practices such as farming and agriculture, among other fields. With a focus on creating and implementing innovative automation technologies that help in optimizing operations in various fields, IY Twist focuses on incorporating IoT into an area that was predominantly run through human effort and manual labour,” says Dr. Yooseff Ibrahim KV, a Data Scientist DevOps Engineer with Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering and the founder and CEO at IY Twist. The company proffer services to various IoT systems that include the environment, urban monitoring, waste management, and smart farm applications to name a few. “The designs by IY Twist integrate both software and hardware for sensors that use wireless networks as a mode of connectivity,” informs Dr. Yooseff.
Reshaping the Farming and Agriculture Landscape
Dealing with irrigation systems, greenhouses and precision agriculture, the team at IY Twist designed and developed a novel product, IY Logic, which acts as a sensor node engineered to assist in advanced wireless connectivity which can be implemented as an IoT device in the agricultural field. Keeping in mind India is a geographically diverse nation, the product seamlessly functions in remote areas as well as it offers satellite signals, LoRaWan and cellular connectivity. Additionally, it works in connection with cloud systems thus providing ample data storage facility with scalability and minimal maintenance costs.

The designs by IY Twist integrate both software and hardware for sensors that use wireless networks as a mode of connectivity

Having carved a niche for itself in this domain, IY Twist has worked with several well-renowned clienteles. A recent project the company was involved in with was Azeezla High-tech Organic Farm where the project permitted IY Twist to partner with the Indian Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with local Panchayats. The company used IY Farm and IY Logic Sensors to monitor and collect temperature and soil humidity data. This data in tandem with any other relevant data was amalgamated and geo-located in maps on the cloud. This collated data revealed pertinent information and patterns which were then used to gain a better understanding of the ecosystem and the right conditions for farm crops to achieve a quality yield.

The company aims to continue bringing about a significant difference in this domain through its cutting-edge automation technologies.