InQube: Accelerating The Growth Of Smart Farming With Agri-Tech

CIO Vendor Technology can be a powerful enabler not only when it comes to overcoming the hurdles in the supply chain, but also to improve the yield and revenues. Agri-tech leverages the power of technology to improve farming-related activities. Agri-tech holds immense promise when it comes to helping improve the yield and profitability for farmers with greater efficiency. Niche agri-tech is leveraging the latest technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, blockchain, drones, GIS, and Internet of Things (IoT) to solve pressing problems that have been plaguing the agricultural industry.

There are many start-ups in India in the Agri-tech space that are doing wonderful work. The Application of technology in different parts of the farm value chain is a vast canvas and needs a collective effort to trigger the much-needed chain. However, the challenge remains with making the tech applications relevant for the farmers with all the limitations of access, language and literacy limitation, and many more. Also, a significant portion of start-ups is working on the Tech 2.0 side of applications which may not yield the desired outcome.

Significantly, InQube group has the experience of building the largest digital aggregation of farmers in India and using big data Analytics and AI for farmer benefit - where more than 5 million farmers have been covered with base-level digitization and decision support on behalf of a state government. With the first hand ground level experience of challenges with small and marginal farmers and the overall value chain, InQube ( offers a full-stack Agri ERP platform as a SaaS model to all stakeholders in the farm value chain such as large agri inputs and agri equipment enterprises, Government & development agencies, Banks & Insurance companies for their Agri sector business.
Facilitating Digital Engagement And Data-Driven Platform For Farmers
Moreover, InQube offers the platform in SaaS model with minimal upfront investments, the platform is also ready for integrating other Tech 2.0 services like IoT sensors, drone-based imaging, and satellite imaging intelligence. Existing technology application in most of these enterprises doesn’t reach the farmers, and even the large enterprises don’t have the last mile connection with farmers. InQube platform can bridge that gap with its specific application.

The company has recently launched GreenQube (, an android based SME platform for micro and small enterprises like FPO's, NGO's and Co-operatives to make their farmer engagement digitally empowered. InQube has been recognized by the Government of the UK, as a cohort for their UK-India Tech hub program in 2019 and is among 60 start-ups from 33 countries currently undergoing a UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) focused accelerator program with one of the largest global tech companies.

Inqube group has the experience of building the largest digital aggregation of farmers in India and using big data analytics and AI for farmer benefit

Currently, InQube is executing two m-governance projects one in Peru for digitizing the entire farmer community in San Martin province, and another one in Kenya for end-to-end coffee value chain digitization with Nyeri county as the first stage of deployment. Discussions are going on for few other projects in India, Bangladesh, and Congo. “InQube is present in India, United Kingdom, Peru, Kenya, Congo, and Bangladesh and we aspire to establish as a major player in Agri value chain digitization across developing countries. The vision is to be present in 10 countries, execute 25 large projects and work with 250 SME enterprises by end of 2022”, concludes Tridibesh Bandyopadhyay, Director & CEO, InQube.