Otipy: Revolutionizing the Farming Sector with a Cutting Edge Agri-tech Platform

CIO Vendor Technology adoption in the agriculture sector is assisting in the resolution of various pain points across the traditional agriculture value chain, with a market potential of billion dollars. Agri-tech advancements have made farming more sustainable. Vertical farming, hydroponic farming, smart farming, and advanced greenhouse practices are currently popular among farmers. All of these farming approaches have resulted in produce that is considerably healthier, more nutritious, fresher, and has a longer shelf life. Additionally there are startups focused on providing better inputs to farmers in terms of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. Otipy, one of the most well-renowned agri-tech startups is focused on output, i.e., making sure that the quality produce grown by farmers reaches consumers with maximum freshness in minimum time. “`In just one year, we have become the platform of choice for consumers and amongst the largest e-commerce player in Delhi NCR,” says Varun Khurana, Founder and CEO, Otipy.

With a slew of new Agri Tech start-ups emerging, the sun is shining brightly to assist farmers in increasing productivity and efficiency through the use of digitalization. The basic expectations from agri-tech startups are: to enable farmers to grow better quality crops, providing them with necessary inputs, enabling necessary financing for farmers and last but not the least is catering to the agricultural supply chain ensuring they get the right value for their produce. Otipy is uniquely positioned to disrupt the agriculture supply chain by ensuring that produce reaches consumers in just 12 hours from harvest so that the consumers get the freshest produce, bringing down wastage from 40 percent to three percent and passing on the benefit to consumers and farmers by allowing for better price realization, ensuring hygienic packaging to making sure the produce reaches safe in the hands of consumers and more.
Otipy guides farmers on what to harvest in which season, what kind of seeds and soil they should use, making them aware about the hybrid variety. Helping farmers to understand that there are NGO's, bank schemes and KPO's from where they can get the financial assistance is also one of the company's prime focus areas. It works with the motto to help farmers deliver freshness directly from farm to the doorstep of the consumers. Additionally, to reduce wastage in the supply chain Otipy came up with the technology predictive algorithm.

This method not only helps them to reduce the wastage but also help to offer the best prices for their consumers. Furthermore, it believes in keeping the freshness intact and thus as soon as the product arrives at the warehouse, they go through the quality checking process swiftly and then are packed in eco-friendly packaging. Then the packets are handed over to the partners early in the morning and delivery is done within 12 hours only.

Otipy is uniquely positioned to disrupt the agriculture supply chain by ensuring that produce reaches consumers in just 12 hours from harvest

“We successfully meet all the expectations. All the products in our warehouse go through quality checking tests and only the best are picked and packed in eco-friendly packets for our consumers,” he adds.

Apart from helping farmers, providing farm fresh produce to customers, Otipy also helps people who want to work from home at their own convenience. “We have a community of 10,000+ resellers, growing exponentially through our partner program, where people only need to devote 2-4 hours from their home and can earn upto 10 lakh INR per year. We encourage women to join our partner program, so that they can become community leaders and financially independent as well,” he concludes.